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Energy Portfolio Optimization Suite for DSOs | Industries | Generators


Energy Portfolio Optimization Solutions for DSOs

Demand Forecast

Integrating near and long-term weather forecasts into electricity demand forecasting models can significantly improve the accuracy of predictions


Portfolio Optimization

Managing a combination of electricity generation to achieve a specific set of objectives - minimizing costs, maximizing revenue, or ensuring a higher share of green energy in the overall energy portfolio

Electricity Trading

Our advanced trading engine considers factors such as market prices, demand forecasts, and supply availability with continuous learning to adjust the trading algorithm in real-time to adapt to changing market dynamics. The algorithms allow DSOs to place automated bids in spot and derivative markets to manage energy demand, in both the Indian and European markets, especially during periods of high volatility. Further the algorithms take into account weather conditions to manage real-time risk for the DSOs.


Trading Solution for Generators


ergGEN combines advanced analytics, machine learning, and financial modeling tools for generators to utilize machine learning algorithms to:

  • forecast renewable energy production based on historical data and weather forecasts

  • predict electricity market prices, demand, and other relevant market parameters to select the optimal market segment for trading

  • implement risk assessment models to identify and manage risks associated with energy production variability and market price fluctuations.

  • create algorithmic trading strategies based on the forecasted energy production and market conditions

  • conduct simulation and backtesting of the trading strategies using historical data to evaluate their performance

  • stay informed about changes in regulatory requirements that may impact the trading strategy

  • implement interfaces to connect with energy markets, trading platforms, and relevant data providers

Green Energy Transition Solution for Industries

The transition to green energy in industries involves shifting from traditional, fossil fuel-based energy sources to cleaner and more sustainable alternatives. This transition is driven by environmental concerns, regulatory requirements, and the economic benefits associated with renewable and low-carbon energy sources.

In order to implement this transition, ergCON offers the advanced technology tools that allow the industries to

  • develop and implement short term and long term renewable energy purchase strategies,

  • optimize the mix of energy sources, considering a combination of grid electricity, on-site generation and energy storage,

  • test financial models to assess the cost-effectiveness of various energy procurement strategies,

  • deploy energy generation and consumption monitoring systems and

  • develop customized energy trading algorithms for managing daily and real-time trade; utilize APIs for real-time data feeds and execution of trades

  • ensure compliance with industry regulations, environmental standards, and any relevant energy market regulations

  • implement a monitoring system to track energy consumption, portfolio performance, and trading activities


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