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jouleWise is a global advisory, trading, and technology firm engaged in helping clients achieve their green energy goals.

And we have started our journey with

Why India?
With 450 GW of RE installation target India has adopted a resolute approach to decarbonization

Current Status

132 GW

RE Installed Capacity 


Share of RE generation

3568.091 GWh

Green DAM market volume

Our offerings

jouleWise is committed to paving the way for a sustainable future by offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to unique needs of participants across the energy value chain. Our expertise spans advisory, trading and technology solutions, empowering developers, traders, businesses and distribution service operators to make the transition to cleaner, more efficient energy sources

Advisory & Trading Services

renewable energy advisory

At jouleWise, we recognize that every green energy journey is unique. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to develop personalized green energy transition strategies. We offer guidance on regulatory compliance, market analysis, risk management, policy alignment, and feasibility studies, helping you chart a course toward sustainability. Our carbon footprint reduction strategies encompass energy efficiency improvements and sustainable practices, ensuring a greener path forward.

Technology Solutions

In a world where sustainability and energy efficiency are paramount, our cutting-edge Energy Portfolio Optimization Suite - ergOS - brings a revolution to the way market participants generate, consume, and trade energy. This suite is designed to empower developers, traders, businesses and distribution services operators to harness the full potential of green energy while taking advantage of opportunities in the power markets.

The suite can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that it aligns with your energy goals and operational requirements

ergOS energy portfolio optimization



Software Engineer

 Job Description:

  1. Develop our suite of high performance products that allow our customers to manage their energy risk exposure by adding features such as better market data and better risk visualization

  2. Work with traders to implement changes that allow our models to trade energy more profitably in both Python and C++ 


Senior Quantitative Trader

 Job Description:

  1. Trade primarily energy spot and derivatives and manage our positions in the Indian and European markets in a discretionary fashion 

  2. Come up with and tuning strategies and models to trade profitably

  3. Work with the software engineers to develop ergOS to improve upon its systematic trading 

  4. Help hire and train junior quant traders 


Business Analyst

Job Description:

  1. Ideate ways to expand our suite of offerings to get more developers, traders, businesses and distribution service operators to use our products

  2. Do research on how to continue expanding our product from India into Europe

  3. Work with clients to help them onboard and utilize our systems

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

Contact Details


+91 11 4141 6930


A 1/74, Ground Floor

Panscheel Enclave

New Delhi

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